Need Help this year with Mosquitoes?
1.  call your county mosquito control and get information on their spaying in the area and ask them to add your neighborhood. 
2. Install Bat houses for bats to roost at night in your area for effective “green” mosquito control.  One Bat can eat more than 1,000 mosquitoes a night!!   Educate your kids on bats and have them help decorate their new bat house.
3. Put Mosquito minnow fish in your livestock water troughs; minnows are hardy, do not need aerators, and eat hundreds of mosquito minnow larvae. 
4. Make sure there is no standing stagnent water in your yard to breed new mosquitoes.
Help prevent West Nile & Eqine Encephalitis in livestock
& Heartworms in canines by controling mosquitoes in your neighborhood today!  These diseases are also effecting our wildlife.  We recommend vaccinating horses every 6 months & keeping your dogs on monthly heartworm prevention for a fuller healthy life.   
Keep an eye out for your pets health this spring

Parasites like ticks & fleas can transmit diseases and cause health issues.

With our in house lab we can check your pet for internal parasites.

Spring Babies or New Adoptions
We offer New Pet exams or Pre-Purchase exams on small and large animals
Does your pet suffer from bad breath, decrease appetite, loose teeth, sore mouth?  February is Pet Dental Health Month visit our office for more information.  We offer pet dentals and remember- a healthy smile helps heart health, his/her immune system and can improve quality of life!
Share your support for Dental Health month by
sharing photos of your pets happy smile on our facebook page :)

2012 Animal Health Yearly Review
  •    300 Cats and 80 Dogs were reported rabies cases in US; Percent of rabies cases reported found in domestic animals was 6.8%  source: CDC
  • In SC the West Nile Virus has been detected in 17 people, three animals (livestock), 13 birds and one mosquito pool. in September one elderly Aiken man died in of West Nile Virus. source SC DHEC
  • Dogs are sentinels for Lyme Disease and are 50 to 100 times more likely to be diagnosed than their owners.  In 2012- it is too early to tell if Lyme disease is at its highest stats (as predicted in the US), the CDC confirmed 23 human cases in SC in 2011.
  • Pets need a yearly exam to check their health.         For an appointment call our office at (803)407-9691


- Fleas carry tapeworms and Ticks can carry Lyme Disease!

For more ideas on Flea & tick control please give us a call today.

We love our pets!  Stay on top of your pets health this year!

We offer yearly vaccinations to keep your pet and family safe and healthy.  Preventative Medicine can help make fewer “sick pet” visits and is easier on your pocket book.  Palmetto Animal Health’s staff and Dr. Searle can help you detect early health problems with yearly exams, wellness checks or pre-purchase exams.

Don’t wait for your pet to be sick to visit us! Your pets yearly visit may include an exam, vaccinations, yearly heartworm test, lab work and most importantly our commitment to address your family’s concerns.

Senior Pets

Senior Pets don’t forget to stop in for a recommended Wellness exam and testing.  Seniors (over 6 years old) are prone to common disease states that can be caught early, diagnosed and treated by having a wellness blood test done.  This test helps keep an eye on your pets health, organ health, and aging related diseases such as

  • Kidney disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Dental Disease
  • Cancers
  • Endocrine, Thyroid, Diabetes, and Adrenal Gland Diseases
  • Intestinal, Colitis and Inflammatory Bowl Disease
  • Arthritis and Pain management


Thank you to all who participated in the Heartworm Clinic on Saturday March 3rd!

Heartworm disease CAN be prevented! 

       Heartworm disease is disease transmitted by mosquitoes.  It can be serious and potentially fatal.  It is caused by parasitic worms living in the arteries of the lungs and occasionally in the right side of the heart of dogs, cats and other species of mammals, including wolves, foxes, ferrets.   Dogs and cats of any age or breed are susceptible to infection.  Help prevent heartworm disease TODAY by giving us a call at 803.407.9691